Bradley Walsh's family: wife, children and everything you need to know


January 15, 2020 – 19:25 GMT

Aisha Nozari

Born in 1960, Bradley Walsh is a staple on British TV, but the star actually grew up playing football. By the age of 18, he had gone pro, and was playing for Brentford Football Club. Sadly, Bradley’s career was cut short due to an ankle injury. That’s not to say things didn’t work out for him, though. Bradley bagged himself a job hosting the National Lottery, and even went on to star in Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Law and Order. Perhaps most famously of all, though, Bradley has been hosting The Chase since 2009.

Now, the 59-year-old can be seen sharing with viewers his latest television adventure, Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad. The series once again follows Bradly and his son Barney around the USA as they embark on a daring road trip, starting at the southernmost point of the country – Florida Keys. You might already be familiar with the soap star’s 21-year-old son Barney, but who else is in Bradley’s family? We investigated.

Is Bradley Walsh married?

Bradley has been married to his wife Donna Derby for more than 20 years. The couple tied the knot in 1997, and Donna was once a former professional dancer and is now a choreographer. She even appeared in the video for Robert Palmer’s 80s hit Simply Irresistible, which she once danced with Holly Willoughby to for a funny Instagram post. At the time, Holly captioned the brilliant clip: “Me and the original Robert Palmer Girl babe Donna… Who happens to be Bradley Walsh wife!!!” She has also worked as a choreographer on Miss World, which also happens to be presented by her son, Barney. What’s more, Donna appeared in six episodes of The Kenny Everett Television Show from 1987 to 1988.

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Does Bradley Walsh have kids?

Bradley has two children. He and wife Donna share actor Barney, who is about to star in the second series of ITV’s Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad. Bradley also has a daughter called Hayley from a previous relationship. 

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Who are Bradley Walsh’s parents?

Bradley and Barney occasionally share photos of Bradley’s parents, Margaret and Daniel. In January 2018, Margaret celebrated her 80th birthday, and Bradley shared a snap of her enjoying a glass of wine over dinner, adding the caption: “Happy 80th birthday to my darling mum Margaret. Love you very much.” One thing’s for sure, we can’t believe how young she looks! Barney also posted a photo of his gran on her birthday, adding: “Happy 80th birthday nan!”


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