Facebook Launches 'Mood' Mode for Facebook Stories Frames


Here’s another new option for your Facebook Stories.

This week, Facebook has started to roll out a new ‘Mood’ option within its Facebook Stories tools, which enables you to create GIF-centric Stories frames to convey a chosen feeling.

Social media expert Matt Navarra shared this video of the new ‘Mood’ option in action.

It’s a fairly simple addition, which taps into the popularity of GIF reactions, providing another way to use Stories as an engagement option.

And it’ll likely prove popular. Earlier this month, Google-owned Tenor released a tool which enables users to search for popular GIFs by reaction conveyed, underlining the popularity of this type of GIF usage. The key with this addition is that it will make it easier for users who are less aligned with broader web trends, but do use Facebook, to tap into the same, which could increase its appeal among Facebook’s older user base.

Facebook Stories hasn’t yet caught on the way the Stories format has on Instagram, but it is growing – and with 500 million users engaging with Facebook Stories every day, there’s still a heap of potential for expanded usage, especially if Facebook can better showcase why others would want to create their own, and tap into the same.

Additions like this may seem relatively minor in the broader scheme of web trends, but again, Facebook’s older user base is not as exposed to the various apps and tools, which could make it a much more important update in this specific application.

Facebook looks to be rolling out the ‘Mood’ option over time, so if you’re not seeing it yet, you will soon. 


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