How to pause your Sky Sports and BT Sport subscriptions for free


Sky and BT have introduced a number of measures being put in place to help customers during these turbulent times.

For example, Sky Mobile customers get 10GB of free data into their Piggybanks on top of their usual allowance; Sky Go Extra is available to all TV customers to watch on demand content across three devices at once; and Sky Store will be offering current cinema releases to rent, including Trolls World Tour from 6 April.

BT’s EE mobile service also has a number of incentives for its customers at this time.

However, what is perhaps more important for sports fans, is the ability to pause a Sky Sports subscription or get a “bill credit” from BT Sport while there are very few live sports.

Considering the vast majority of live sporting events have been postponed or cancelled due to the outbreak, you might not be able to view the sport(s) you took out a subscription to Sky Sports and/or BT Sport for.

Therefore, Sky is allowing you to pause your paid subscription for free, while BT is offering money back until normal service is resumed.

And, if you are a Virgin Media customer, we also have details on how to pause them too…

How do I pause my Sky Sports subscription and will it cost anything?

Sky posted the following statement on its website:

“While we expect that many of the recently postponed sports events will eventually go ahead, if you wish to pause your sports subscription in the meantime you will not be charged a fee to do so or be held to any notice period. Meanwhile we continue to provide high quality content across all of our 11 sports channels.”

So you can pause your subscription for free and it can be done online.

Just visit the dedicated Sky website here and click on the “pause now” button.

Your subscription will resume automatically once live sporting action is once again available.

You could previously also pause your subscription by phone, but Sky’s customer services are understandably busier than usual and affected by the coronavirus outbreak as much as the rest of us. So please do it online if you can.

Can I pause my BT Sport subscription?

BT offers a slightly different initiative for BT Sport subscribers.

Instead of pausing your subscription, it will give you a bill credit for a month of BT Sport to add to your account once live action has resumed.

Alternatively, you can choose to donate that month’s credit to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

To either claim or donate the month’s subscription fee, head to the dedicated BT website here.

Of course, sport may still not start again in a month’s time, in which case BT will review the process:

“We will continue to review the situation over the coming weeks and will update customers accordingly. We would also ask customers to please bear with us and not call us unless absolutely urgent, as our call centres are facing significant pressure, with fewer people, and are focused on supporting the most vulnerable.”

How to pause Sky Sports and BT Sport on Virgin Media

If you subscriber to either Sky Sports or BT Sport (or both) through Virgin Media, you can do so through an online form on the VM website.

Just head to the dedicated Virgin Media website here.

Your paused subscription will restart automatically once live sporting action resumes:

“You’ll still be able to watch the channels you’ve paused, but you won’t be charged. There’s no need to call us – we’ll make this change as soon as possible, and if we need anything from you we’ll get in touch.

“We’ll restart your payments automatically, and let you know when that’s happening.”


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