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Alexandra Shulman was editor-in-chief of British Vogue for twenty five years. In this episode of Conversations with The Calico Club she explores the relationship between clothes and interiors; examining the power of colour, the importance of texture and the social implications of a particular garment. Does a white shirt imbue the wearer with the same feeling as a sparse, luxurious white room? The talk will begin at 6pm.

Conversations with The Calico Club promises lively and thoughtful discussions that will bring the pages of the magazine to life. The talks are hosted by Emily Tobin and broadcast at the same time each week but if you’re unable to watch live then register via the link anyway as you will be sent a video of the recording to watch at a time that suits you.

Alexandra’s talk will be broadcast at 6pm BST on Wednesday 27 May (1pm EST). Tickets cost £10 including a booking fee. To register to watch click here.

Her new book Clothes…and other things that matter is published by Cassell and is out now.


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