The ruined restoration of a Spanish painting has sparked a joyous Twitter thread


When restorers set about to work on Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s The Immaculate Conception of Los Venerables – a baroque portrait of the Virgin Mary – they likely didn’t expect to create an internet sensation. However, the botched job has caused much hilarity across social media and the Royal Academy was quick to jump aboard. Using their hashtag #RADailyDoodle, they called on followers to do their own restoration on the painting, and the results were quite spectacular.

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Twitter users responded with all sorts of parody options, some adding the famous scene from Mr Bean: The Movie where a similarly bad restoration at the hands of the clumsy titular character occurs, while others were downright terrifying: case in point being Donald Trump’s face superimposed on the girl. From the surreal – a squirrel’s head – to the ridiculous via many emojis, the resulting thread is a joy to scroll through. Face masks, modern make up, a new smile and celebrity faces all make an appearance and we cannot stop looking at them. Sad as it is that an artwork had to be ruined for this to happen, it’s light relief from some of the other news making the rounds. Some of our favourites are below.


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