Best Apple Watch accessories 2020: Protect and personalise your smartwatch


(Pocket-lint) – So, you want to accessorise your Apple Watch, right?

With the excellent Apple Watch Series 5 out in the world, but previous versions still very much popular, app and accessory makers have had ample time to scratch their heads and dream up something disruptive that’ll add value to Apple’s smartwatch. There are plenty of Apple Watch charging docks, stands, protective cases, and more, for instance. And we’ve rounded up several of the very best examples available right now for you.

We’ve also found ones for older Apple Watch models. Check out our gallery below, and also check out the best third-party apps for Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch accessories


Apple’s own Watch bands


The Apple Watch specialises in easy to swap bands, and some of the options Apple offers are super stylish. No matter which you pick, any of them work across all the versions of the smartwatch. One of our favourite styles is the flexible Sport Loop ban – its soft fabric is extremely comfortable to wear.


Wearlizer watch adapters


If an Apple Watch isn’t necessarily your first ever wrist-strapped timepiece, you might have a collection of watch straps that it can’t use because of that pesky patented strap system. Well, Wearlizer’s sidestepped that entire problem with its genius adapters. Using these, the world is your oyster once again (at least as far as watch straps are concerned). 


3-in-1 Charging Dock


This affordable dock lets you charge up your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone and AirPods all at once. It offers cable management, where the wires are neatly put into the back of the stand. Meanwhile, there is a place for your iPhone, AirPods case (which will charge through its lightning port, not wirelessly), and Watch’s wireless charging pad.


SENA Leather Case


This classy leather case from SENA can sit and charge on your bedside as a dock, or it can packed away, making it great for travel. It does use your charging cable, though, like many of the options on this list.




This has a built-in charger but also serves as a compact solution, so it’s handy if you’re going away like on a camping trip. The battery is in the center of the device, so you open it up, wrap your existing Apple Watch charging cable around the battery, put the wireless pad in place, close it up, and that’s it. Just set your Apple Watch on the charger to refill the battery. It’s available in grey or silver.

Native Union Marble Block Dock

Native Union Marble Block Dock


This is made from white marble, though there is a regular version in midnight blue. The premium white marble is definitely the nicer option, as the weighted charging stand looks particularly fancy when paired with a gold aluminium Apple Watch.

Griffin Travel Power Bank

Griffin Travel Power Bank


You can attach the Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery to your keys or bag so you’ll never run out of battery on your Apple Watch.

Twelve South

Twelve South TimePorter


This leather TimePorter is a neat and stylish little case that holds your cables, spare straps, and the Apple Watch. When you reach a point where you need to, the case also converts into a charging stand, making it a useful all-in-one.

Belkin Powerhouse

Belkin Powerhouse


Belkin has a great two-in-one charger that’s very minimalistic – it’s a company with an increasingly strong accessories reputation. The cables are completely hidden inside the bass, too, so there’s just one to be plugged into the mains. If you have an iPhone and Apple Watch this is one of the most complete charging solutions around.

Twelve South

Twelve South HiRise Apple Watch


The HiRise for Apple Watch is a stand that showcases your timepiece while it’s charging. It holds any size Apple Watch at an elevated height and angle that lets you interact with the watch. It charges using your own Magnetic charging cable and features silicone accents and a leather landing pad to protect your watch. HiRise for Apple Watch is available in silver or black.


Griffin WatchStand


Griffin’s watch stand has an angled cradle, and all you need to do is lay your Apple Watch against it, as the watch’s cable connector will gently snap itself onto the back of your Apple Watch and begin charging. It accommodates both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands and charges your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally.


Thin Apple Watch Case


These cheap and cheerful cases are some of the slimmest you can buy. They’re available in multiple sizes will add an all-important layer of protection to your fairly expensive timepiece.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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