Clothing brand selling a 'digital shirt' for £500 that only exists virtually


A clothing brand that only exists virtually, meaning customers never actually have the item in their physical wardrobe, is selling a shirt for $699 (£530).

It might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but Tribute Brand has been featured in Vogue magazine for its groundbreaking designs, which use GCI modelling and UX design.

The brand is currently selling 12 items of “contactless cyber fashion”, including the $699 (£530) green lace and black latex Zezy shirt, alongside more affordable items like a black shiny coat for $29 (£22) or metallic pink trousers with a mermaid tail, also for $29 (£22).

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There is also a $29 (£22) gold bow lame bow dress that channels early Lady Gaga looks.

Despite the items only existing in the digital world, they are still sold as limited edition, with each item limited to 100 pieces with no reissue (the Zezy shirt is limited to just three copies).

The website for the brand, which is based in Zagreb, Croatia, says: “We strongly believe that digital clothing is the future we should embrace.

“With no need for physical deliveries and production, it is available without restrictions for gender, sex or size.”

It encourages customers to “transfer their identity to [a] virtual area” meaning that the items you buy will then only be available for you (or your avatar) to wear online – perfect for people who want a new outfit every time they post to Instagram.

Once a customer buys the clothes, the team will then take between three to five hours to blend it on to photos you submit at the time of purchase.

You will also reportedly get a “digital certificate” as proof of owning the digital product.

Tribute Brand told Vogue magazine that they were inspired by games like Sims and Grand Theft Auto when coming up with the idea for the company. They also want to encourage more sustainable consumption – after all pixels are zero waste when you don’t need any textiles.

The designers also want to create “a decrease in demand for new items”, as well as moving away from the usage of physical clothes.

Tribute Brand is in the early stages of development and is welcoming all brands, stylists, 3D creators, magazines, photographers, to join them in a collaboration.


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